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The AmaZone is an eCommmere consulting firm that specializes in managing the Amazon sales channel for small to mid-sized brands. We manage all aspects from day-to-day account management to long-term strategy and optimization. We are an ideal cost-effective partner for mid-sized Brands of a shelf-stable food products who wants to hand over the complexity of managing an Amazon account to focus on other business opportunities. We also work with Brands new to Amazon that wants to get started quickly and correctly. We have taken clients from tens of thousands to millions of in annual revenue and millions to tens of millions; half of our clients are international Brands expanding to the US market (from UK, IN, NZ/AU); and, our expertise is in the US ( and UK ( Amazon marketplaces. However, we have also worked in most other Amazon marketplaces (CA, MX, European marketplaces, India, Australia, etc.).

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Free Advice and Analysis 30 minute call
We are happy to provide a free 30 minute call for advice and analysis about your Amazon sales channel. Bring your questions and concerns about getting started on Amazon or scaling once you are on Amazon and we are happy to chat! Please email to schedule a call.
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