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Munchy crunchy protein is complete! • as an in-hand snack it totally crushes the hungries when you are at your workplace (desk or any job setting), watching tv, or on-the-go while traveling, hiking, or camping, with uber-nutrition, great flavor and crunch. • with 16g of complete plant-protein it is the perfect meal protein for so many meals in all dayparts. Adds great flavor – savory, sweet, mildly spicy or lightly salted – to salads, soups, stir fries, yogurts, oatmeal, and much more. • because it is so high in protein and fiber, no/low added sugar, and has only 170 calories with only 4 net carbs, it is the go-to food for many specific health needs and challenges, including diabetes/blood sugar control, weight management/obesity, cardio/vascular health, senior health (muscle and bone support), and all-around physical fitness needs. • our munchy sampler includes a packet of each incredible flavor and is the perfect way to taste them all. Good luck in picking your favorite one! • naturally gluten free, nut-free, gmo-free, grain-free and certified vegan.