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Member Since: 2021

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Organization Overview

Concepta Ingredients is a business unit of the Sabará Group, which promotes ingredients for the food industry, focused on natural, organic sustainable and traceable products.

The entire Concepta Ingredients production chain is aligned with the values defended by the UN principally Goal 15 (Life and Land) and 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production). Together with our partners, we develop innovative products, promoting social and economic local development and the protection of the environment along with fair trade.
We also have the Bio Abundance Program®, which engages communities, cooperatives and associations that supply biodiversity inputs through initiatives that promote the conservation of the standing forest, respect the people who inhabit it, encourage the use of ingredients from Brazilian biomes, promote socioeconomic inclusion by reducing social inequality, in addition to connecting the wealth of the forest to the market.
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Carla Teotonio

Marketing Specialist

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Commercial Manager

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