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Photo of Kerry


Emma Passig


Abby Valencic

Account Manager

Alison Rabschnuk

Business Development Director - Plant Protein

Bethany Robers

Cheryl Dreyer

Regulatory Affairs Policy Director

Chris Horridge

RD&A Director, Plant Protein

Christina O'Keefe

Director Sustainability North America

Elizabeth Price


Ellen Morgan

RD&A Director

Jenny Palan

Sr. Strategic Marketing Manager - Plant-Based

Jocelyn Carter

Jodie Kenny

Product Lead, Textured Plant Proteins

Kelsey Jobson

Kyle Kamp

Business Development Director – Dairy Taste

Sarah Miller

Scott Walnofer

Business Development Director - Plant Protein

Shannon Coco

Strategic Marketing Director

Stephen Cobbe

RD&A Director

Wenjing Li

Regulatory Manager