Upfield US-CCPB, Violife

433 Hackensack Ave Hackensack, NJ 07601 United States


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Member Since: 2017

Photo of Upfield US-CCPB, Violife
Photo of Upfield US-CCPB, Violife


Kyra Lindemann

Head, Corp Affairs & Comms., N.A.

Andy Reichgut

Anthony Patrignelli

Aviv Langus

Category Manager – Natural Channel

Brian Orlando

Chief Marketing Officer, North America

Carolyn Raikhlin

Corporate comms/PR Lead

Erica Cheung

Senior Brand Manager, Violife

Harry Post

Category Management - Grocery

Isela Rodriguez

Head of Insights

Jessica Bernheim

Laura Pasut

Nutrition Manager North America – Upfield Foods

Laura Sutterlin

Laurel Fix

Global Head of Product Safety & NorAm Reg. Affairs

Lisa Akey

Senior Brand Manager, Innovation & Adjacencies

Meryem Leyoussi

Associate Brand Manager, Pure Blends & Innovation

Michelle Svecherny

Rhonda Roper

Category Management Manager

Samantha Wagner

Valerie Rousseau

General Manager Upfield Professional North America