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2022 Plant-Based State of the Marketplace Summary Report [April 2023]

2022 Plant-Based State of the Marketplace Summary Report [April 2023]

Our 2022 Plant-Based State of the Marketplace summary report is a comprehensive overview of plant-based performance across the food industry—from retail and e-commerce sales to emerging foodservice trends to consumer insights. This summary report is the first in a series of releases designed to illuminate key data and offer critical analysis to inform industry stakeholders and drive the continued advancement of the plant-based foods industry. Stay tuned for deeper dives into retail and e-commerce, foodservice, and more, including in-depth looks into category trends, performance, and how stakeholders can make plant-based foods more accessible to the many consumers seeking them out.

What's Inside: Preview the report here. Some top-level insights from the report include:

  • Plant-based food dollar sales grew 6.6% in 2022 to $8 billion, with unit sales mirroring the 3% decline also seen in total food and beverage, and animal-based foods—all of which demonstrate the strong resilience of plant-based foods during intense inflationary conditions. 
  • 60% of total U.S. households are purchasing plant-based foods and a whopping 80% of households are repeating those purchases, demonstrating loyalty to and satisfaction with plant-based foods. 
  • While all animal-based categories declined in units, plant-based categories saw marked unit growth in the following five categories: plant-based creamers, eggs, protein powders, ready-to-drink beverages, and dips and spreads. The variety of standout categories speaks to the expansion of consumer interest in plant-based options for every eating occasion, from post-workout smoothies to morning coffee to indulgent meals.

  • Engaged consumers drove consistent demand for plant-based options in food service settings, and now 48% of restaurants across the U.S. feature plant-based foods on their menus—a percentage that has grown steadily, without decline, over the past decade.

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