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We work with partners to secure meaningful discounts for our members to attend events, take advantage of industry opportunities, and access key marketplace data, insights, and resources. These discounts are exclusive to the PBFA member community and are updated regularly, so we encourage you to routinely check the page, as well as our Community Board newsletters!

Retail and Ecommerce

Retail & E-Commerce

PBFA works closely with a number of retail and e-commerce partners to create opportunities for our members to expand your footprints in those spaces, share your brand stories with key industry players, and open more avenues for consumers to access your innovative plant-based products. Click to browse our current retail and e-commerce opportunities. 

Foodservice and DistributionFoodservice & Distribution

We collaborate with partners to secure key opportunities for our members to get your foot in the door in foodservice, expand your distribution footprint, and increase visibility with industry players so your products can reach the masses. Click through for the latest ways to increase your presence in the foodservice and distribution spaces.


Our member committees guide, support, and inform the priorities of PBFA and the Institute. Feedback provided by each of the topic-oriented groups are considered in the planning, development, and execution of strategies to meet our missions and objectives. Click through to learn more about our current committees and how you can help guide the direction of our association and community.


Whether you're looking to enhance your visibility, gain exposure, or extend the reach of your audience, PBFA is here to support you. We offer a diverse range of sponsorship opportunities. Click to learn more about how you can increase your impact by becoming a PBFA sponsor.

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